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 Travel Guide   CALENDAR OF EVENTS   January: Sah Paper and Performances
January: Umbrella Festival

A street fair, featuring products made from sah paper, especially umbrellas; and some stage performances. Takes place at the Bor Sang Village, Sankampaeng District.

 Travel Guide   CALENDAR OF EVENTS   February: Flowers and Parades
February: Flower Festival

A festival centered around flowers. Features a parade with beautiful flower boats, a beauty contest, flower displays and judging, gardening techniques, and flowers for sale. Takes place throughout the main city streets and at Buak Hard Park.

 Travel Guide   CALENDAR OF EVENTS   February: Around the Chedi Under the Full Moon
February: Makha Bucha Day

An important Buddhist holiday honoring the event when 1,250 of Buddha's disciples congregated without previous agreement. Buddha gave an important sermon at this event. Buddhists carry flowers, lighted candles, and joss sticks while walking around a Chedi at the temple three times under the full moon.

 Travel Guide   CALENDAR OF EVENTS   April: April's Annual Water War
April: Songkran (Water Festival)

Traditionnaly the Thai New Year, this festival is celebrated by making merit, constructing sand chedis, and pouring lustral water over respected elders and Buddha images. But as the years went by, it became part of the tradition to splash water on one and all.... Torrents of water thrown by pick-ups full of street bandits, complete with shades, bandanas and water-canons of all shapes and sizes. Welcome to Songkran! "Sawadee pee my," (Happy New Year!)

 Travel Guide   CALENDAR OF EVENTS   May: Mangoes, Mangoes, and more Mangoes
May: Mango Fair

Held at the Buak Hard Park. Features a beauty contest, mangoes, mangoes, and more mangoes. Takes place for two weeks during May, but which two depends on how late the mango crop is.

 Travel Guide   CALENDAR OF EVENTS   May: Lynchees and Beauties
May: Lynchee Festival

Hosted at the Fang district, which grows the largest amount of lynchees in Chiang Mai. Features a beauty contest, and lynchees as well as lynchee trees for sale.

 Travel Guide   CALENDAR OF EVENTS   May: Visakha Bucha
May: Visakha Bucha

Chiang Mai Buddhists walk up to Suthep Temple at night to make merit in commemoration of the birth, enlightenment, and death of Buddha.

 Travel Guide   CALENDAR OF EVENTS   June: Peace and Rain
June: Intakin Festival

Held at the Chedi Luang Temple, it lasts a week and is used to ask for peace and rain to fall during the right seasons. The temple holds the city pillar which traditionally marks the center of town.

 Travel Guide   CALENDAR OF EVENTS   June: Asarnha Bucha and Khao Pansa
June: Asarnha Bucha and Khao Pansa

Asarnha Bucha: commemorates the first time that Buddha, his teachings, and his disciples were present. On this day Buddhists make merits at temples and sermons are preached.
Khao (Enter) Pansa: begins the three months when monks stop travelling and station themselves at a certain temple. Merit is made, and there are floats and a parade. In addition, large candles are given to monks for use during prayer times.

 Travel Guide   CALENDAR OF EVENTS   October: Auk Pansa
October: Auk Pansa

Auk (Exit) Pansa: The end of the three months period when monks are not permitted to travel. An important merit making ceremony is held where monks from several different temples are asked to receive contributions of rice and dry food.

 Travel Guide   CALENDAR OF EVENTS   November: The magic and enchantment of the Li-Peng Festival
Loy Kratong Festival

An important Thai festival, it is a way of paying respects to the goddess of the river for the water that was provided, and to repent for dirtying the river.
You pay a few baht for a banana leaf boat called a kratong, carrying a candle and a few other bits and pieces (maybe a 10 baht coin), say a few quiet words down at the riverbank with your sweetheart and float it away - along with all your bad luck.


The little floats with candles laid on the river under the full moon create a beautiful sight. In addition, there are float contests, boat races, and a beauty contest. Lanterns similar to balloons are also lighted and sent drifting up into the sky.

 Travel Guide   CALENDAR OF EVENTS   December: Fruit Carvings and Good Food at Cheap Price
December: Chiang Mai Food Festival

An annual festival of Chiang Mai's great dishes, the demonstrations on fruit carving and ancient Thai desserts, and beauty Lanna cultural shows. Good food selling at cheap prices.

Travel & Transfers
Free airport transfer with hotel reservation
Transfers from airport to hotel are FREE of charge in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. (One-way). Up to 4 persons and 4 luggages per room.

Tamarind Village

A peaceful and picturesque village-style accommodation located in the center of Chiang Mai's old town.
Northern Heritage Resort & Spa

Established under the Government campaign for long stay Health Care services.
Royal Princess Hotel

From Dusit Group; Luxury hotel with caring service in the best 'Lanna' tradition. Located in the center of the Night Bazaar.
Amora Tapae Hotel

Newly opened 4 star hotel at Tapae Gate.
Holiday Inn Hotel

The first Deluxe 5-Star hotel in Chiang Mai. Located on the banks of the Mae Ping River.

Introduction Restaurants
TOP 5 Things To DO Nightlife

 Travel Guide   TOP 5 Things To DO   Chiang Mai's most famous temple
Climb the 304 steps Naga Staircase of Doi Suthep
cm03-4.jpgAccording to legend, the temple's site was selected by an auspicious elephant. The story goes that a monk named Sumana placed half of a Buddha relic on an elephant's back and set it loose. It was decided that when the elephant stopped walking, a temple would be built on that exact spot to house the gem...

 Travel Guide   CALENDAR OF EVENTS   The magic and enchantment of the Li-Peng Festival
Float away your bad luck and pay your respects to the goddess of the river
calendar06.jpg Thai festivals are not the sort of thing you just watch. You get into them, right to the heart of them - and take away memories which will stay with you for ever. Arguably the most beautiful and the loudest, Loi Kratong is best enjoyed in the north.

 Travel Guide   Restaurants   Northern dishes, dances and hill tribe culture shows
Experience both the Northern food and culture at the same time
Kantoke Dinners provide a good way to get to know both the Northern food and culture at the same time. At this event, visitors are seated in the floor around a circular tray with Northern dishes on it and eat while watching traditional Thai and Northern dances and hill tribe culture shows. Savour the delicate flavours of a traditional Kantoke Dinner, with all the customary dishes that have enlivened the cuisine of the Lanna for generations.

 Travel Guide   Nightlife   Live Blues, Jazz, Rock, Country
Relax to piano music
intro10.jpgFor a peaceful, private evening, you can relax to piano music in a hotel lobby. Blues, Jazz, Rock, and both Thai and Western Country are played live at the many pubs and coffee shops around the city.

 Travel Guide   Shopping   Workmanship skills passed down from generation to generation
Handicrafts famous with shoppers and importers around the world
The many handicrafts that are part of Chiang Mai's history are famous with shoppers and importers around the world. Sah paper umbrellas, delicate ceramics and celadons, dazzling gems and jewellery, silverware of all sorts, lacquerware with intricate design, thai silk, woodcarvings, antiques and semi-antiques, furniture,...

 Travel Guide   Sports   Five golf clubs and four driving ranges
Destination golf courses
Chiang Mai has a total of five golf clubs, ranging from 9 to 18 hole greens. The green and caddy fees vary from place to place and are cheaper on weekdays than on weekends. There are golf clubs and electric cars for rent. Chiang Mai also has four driving ranges, which charge from between 25-30 baht for a tray of 50-60 balls.

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